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**Trigger Warning: This post contains trauma-related information. Please use caution as you proceed at your own discretion.***

My mouth stung and I felt like I was drooling. My stepdad’s screaming was background noise as I tried my best to focus my eyes. Heat filled my cheeks and I wished I…

I can tell you confidently that my personality slept peacefully in the first 6 months of my daughter’s life. Truth be told, it was the only part of me that got to sleep.

Each day felt like I had to run to keep up with the 800 needs of my…

I’m not a licensed professional. Let’s start there. Educationally, I have 4 unfinished degrees for 4 very different careers. In more ways than one, I’ve recognized how my stifled childhood trauma has manifested itself in my adult life.

I think, to the ignorant eye, I’m not how I feel. I…

A. Trent

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